Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creating and restoring memories...

It is so nice when friends know you well enough to know what makes you happy. One such lovely friend sent me a message a few days ago to say that her dear Nan was moving into a smaller home and that the family were helping her sort through her things and would I like to have a look. Would I ever!! 

It was so nice to talk to her Nan and hear some history of the pieces as well, something missing with Oppie finds usually. We chose the almost perfect original condition 1960's vinyl lounge suite above, that only needs new foam and seat covers after all these years and the coffee table made by my friends uncle when he was young also. These have taken up temporary residence in our reno house.

I also chose this little selection of treasures and can't wait to set them up eventually in our new home. The pie crust mirror has a sailing boat etching and the big tray behind it is an original metal Willow serving tray, perfect for garden tea parties! We will be respraying the little phone/magazine rack, and the shelves and anodised metal planter will stay the same. 

There were a few other things which I will show you soon too :)

 I recently came across the beautiful blog of Rubyellens called Cakies and found this perfectly simple and effective tutorial for the A-frame tent/cubby we made above. We had the timber already that Mr HMH had rescued from a job he did for his uncle, so only needed to buy the inexpensive dowel. It was finished off with an oppie vintage flannelette sheet and we LOVE IT! Eventually I will customise the cover with windows etc but for now it was a quick, cheap and easy project that all three of us could do together... perfect!

My next project is to tackle some lino cutting with an inspiring and crafty friend who only has a facbook page for now but her blog is coming! I am hoping to print onto these Moleskine journals I bought quite cheaply over here. I know it's not a new concept but I'm keen to give it a try. I haven't lino carved since high school so it should be interesting. I promise not to share any gruesome injuries haha.

Till next time,
Yours in vintage heaven, Allana xxx


  1. OH!!! LOVE it so much!!!! thank you for sharing!

  2. Ah, wow! You have been visited by a celebrity! I love that tutorial, we'll have to make one some day... So cute, and a nice and simple alternative to the teepee (which I've heard are a bit of a headache to make)... Lovely vintage scores Allana! And so nice to know some of the history behind them~!

  3. What a lovely friend and a lovely Nan too.
    It must have made parting from her things so much easier knowing that they were going to a nice home where they'd be well used and loved x

  4. Lovely to see them going to a good home Alannah, instead of the tip shop! Imagine the stories some of these pieces could tell:)

  5. oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is my kind of post ;-)) OMG what some delightful treasures that sofa, the 3 tier table and the single table 50's retro heaven there. I love the stories attached to vintage that's part of the charm and beauty for me. Love the little tent to what a great idea. Enjoy all your lovely vintage finds, dee x


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