Tuesday, September 10, 2013


For some time we have been planning the installation of a Nectre Bakers Oven. We have a ready supply of timber at my parents property which was felled years ago, and a few other sources which we feel quite happy to use from a sustainable perspective. We chose the bakers oven over a regular fire so we could utilise the heat for cooking, boiling the kettle, cooking soups, porridge etc and thus saving electricity. We also have a wet back on it that is yet to be connected but which will provide us with (technically) free hot water. We have been on a STEEP learning curve about how a wet back works  but are confident now that we have covered all our problems. The biggie being that a normal hot water service is high pressure, and a boiler needs to be low pressure which means you need height to acquire pressure... when all your pipes are under the house and you cant fir the boiler in the roof... well lets just say there were a few sleepless nights. I have conceded defeat and given up my linen cupboard which although inconvenient as I have no where else to put anything, it does solve our problem and subsequently gives me a slightly bigger laundry - confusing I know, it will all make sense once its done and I can show you some photos!

Anyway, we managed to buy our oven a little cheaper from a friend who had purchased a couple during a sale and lucky for us now had a spare.

Mr HMH used his fledgling tiling skills and whipped us up an awesome slate hearth and my cousin, The Munchkin and I raided a local beach for some rocks and I made a little detailed border along the front.

 I am really, really happy with how it has turned out and I can't wait for the wet back to be working. Mr HMH and a friend are welding a wrought iron full cage with a gate to my design and that will give us a safety barrier for little hands... and silly puppy dog tails.

Genevieve can't quite fathom the whistling kettle, although when it is on the electric hot plates it doesn't worry her at all - funny girl!

I am enjoying experimenting with the oven. The heat is a little inconsistent but when its hot it is perfect for pizzas etc. I toasted a batch of rio granola in it but forgot how hot it was and nicely blackened the top layer - oops! Luckily I was able to save most of it :)

Even though the oven sat uninstalled for most of Winter as our guy was really busy, Tassie weather is still cold enough to justify having it on most days - so Winter continues inside our house, even if Spring is smiling at us outside.

Till next time, 
Allana xxx


  1. I can't believe that I never properly read this post. I would love the space to do something like this as it looks so cosy and inviting! I also think of you every time my kettle whistles AND I would LOVE to see you linen solution as we have NO linen cupboard so all towels are kept in our closet (have to fold them SO carefully for them to fit) and various other bits and bobs are in the children's rooms (just imagine how crowded 3 boys in one room and 3 in another is!). Hope you come back and blog again soon! Take care xx

  2. I hoped your little one arrived safely.
    How's your oven been. I bought a oven thermometer to help with baking cakes and bread.
    I burn some potatoes in it when I first started cooking in it , but I find you just got to keep an eye on it when cooking.
    I do love the smell of fresh bread cooking.

  3. I know that you haven't written here for some time, but I have just found your blog. I just wanted to to let you know that I think your blog (and your adventures) are beautiful! Hope all is well with you.


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